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UPVC windows and doors are commonly used across the UK including Ayr, this is probably due to the fact that they offer a good defence against burglars, so they are a good place to start when it comes to home security and thinking about security locks for uPVC doors. However, you should always check what type of locks has been supplied with your doors and windows as they are not always fitted with the most secure locks out there. Read on for more information on the best locks to use to ensure the security of your uPVC doors and windows.

Cylinder Lock Snapping

The standard locks and handles that are fitted at the manufacturing stage of your uPVC doors may not always be the most secure locks that are available and could potentially leave your home vulnerable to a break-in. There is a common technique used by burglars to gain entry to your home called lock snapping. This method it used in a large percentage of break-ins. Unfortunately, this technique is unbelievably easy and once the lock cylinder has been compromised so has the overall security of the lock, allowing burglars to enter your property with no resistance.

Preventing This Issue

The pest way to protect your home and avoid becoming a victim of lock snapping is to upgrade the locks on your uPVC doors and windows to anti-snap cylinders which are much more secure than standard locks. Anti-snap locks have been specifically designed so that the lock snapping method burglars use will not work. If a burglar tried the lock snapping method on one of these locks the locking mechanism will stay secure as only the barrel of the lock would snap off. If this did happen and you has anti-snap locks then you would still be able to lock and unlock your door using your key, however it is advised that you get your locks replaced as soon as possible.

UPVC Windows

UPVC windows tend to be made with locks already fitted and most of the time they can’t be changed. This is because the window frame is not strong enough to support a lock that hasn’t been built in. Luckily the locks fitted in uPVC window tend to be good quality secure locks such as espagnolette locks or deadlock shoot bolts. These locks both work well but for extra piece of mind you can improve the security of your windows by reinforcing them with galvanised streel or hardened aluminium added to the hollow body, this however has to been done at the manufacturing stage as it cannot be added after the window has been made. When buying a new uPVC window, you should look out for the British Standard 7950 kit mark as this is the minimum level of security all new windows are required to meet.

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